Výsledky vyhledávání | Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze http://katalog.vsup.cz/search/by-authority/113483/rss?s=-26&sd=DESC&page=1 Vyhledávání podle autority: Nakladatelé/vydavatelé = Yale University Press The new space movement and experience in viennese modern architecture / Long, Christopher 1957- Farewel tu an idea : Clark, T. J. 1943- The last sane man Michael Cardew : Harrod, Tanya High Style : Reeder, Jan Glier Designing tomorrow : Sustainability by design : Ehrenfeld, John The shape of time : Kubler, George, 1912-1996 Why photography matters as art as never before / Fried, Michael, 1939- Ike Taiga and Tokyuma Gyokuran : Fischer, Felice Designing type / Cheng, Karen Varietes of modernism / Themes in contemporary art / Thehistory of Japanese photography / Tucker, Anne Wilkes Art of the twentieth century : Frameworks for modern art / No more rules : Poynor, Rick, 1957- Words for Pictures : Baxandall, Michael, 1933-2008 The New paradigm in architecture : Jencks, Charles The theory of decorative art : Graphic design in the mechanical age : Rothschild, Deborah