Výsledky vyhledávání | Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze http://katalog.vsup.cz/search/by-authority/113772/rss?s=-9474&sd=ASC&page=1 Vyhledávání podle autority: [KLS] = Ornamenty 261 North American indian designs / Orban-Szontagh, Madeleine 8000 years of ornament : Wilson, Eva Animal patterns / Meehan, Aidan Arabic geometrical pattern and design / Bourgoin, J. Authentic Turkish designs / Akar, Azade Decorative ironwork of the middle ages and the renaissance / Hefner-Alteneck, Jacob Heinrich von Designs of nature = Early medieval designs / Wilson, Eva Abeginner 's manual / Meehan, Aidan Flora and fauna design fantasies / Rowe, William The grammer of ornament : Jones, Owen Graphic ornaments = Historic ornament : Griesbach, C. B. Illuminated letters / Meehan, Aidan Knotwork : Meehan, Aidan Maze patterns / Meehan, Aidan Nature illuminated : Hendrix, Lee Ornamental design 1850 = Pops á porter : Repeat patterns : Phillips, Peter